Time = Change

I am going to use statements as analogies that explain that over a long enough period of time, all good things come to an end, and all bad things eventually fade away…from the perspective of a man.

Woman spend all their time attempting to change you and then tell you they don’t like who you have become.

A woman will sleep with you until you love them and then tell you that you only care about sex.

Women will claim you don’t make enough money, don’t have friends, or don’t do enough in general; but, then you get a better job, find friends and a hobby – then they say you don’t give them enough attention, don’t care about them, or want you to get rid of your friends.

A woman will call you ugly and then when you shape up they accuse of you wanting someone else.

A woman will tell you’re too sensitive but get mad when you take control. A woman will say you are too controlling or manly but call you a bitch if you show emotion.

You can literally do anything a woman wants to please her and every day she will lose respect for you.

Given enough time, everything can change. This wasn’t very positive, oh well.

Published by Brad Rewind

I am just a guy who has a lot to say. I have been through so much in my life and I want everyone else to have hope.

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